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Sabbath (another rant)

From the book of Exodus in the scriptures we are told at least six times to maintain a “sabbath”. The principle of sabbath is reflected in creation: that there are six periods (days) of creation and work followed with a period (day) of rest. Vaughn Roberts in his book “God’s Big Picture” says: “The goal of creation is rest.” A friend of mine, Frank Lengel, in a recent meeting said this “The sabbath is a moment where you’ve worked and finally get to a place where you can say ‘It is finished.’ ” The world we live in is too busy. We’re overworked, overstressed, and under-rested. If we work and don’t rest … work loses it’s point. When that happens we get bad attitudes. To me: the biggest problem with not keeping the Sabbath is that it displays a lack of trust in God. Overworking is just a way of demonstrating that you trust yourself too much.  Over-stressing is just a demonstration that you feel responsible for things you’re probably not. Take time today. Make it a sabbath. Rest & trust.

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