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Weekend Rant: The X in XMas

When I was kid, I was told frequently that “When you use “Xmas”, it’s taking the Christ out of Christmas”. It always amazes me how ideas spread among Christians.  I am blown away with how easily ideas spread, how quickly people believe them, and how ready people and preachers are to share ideas & facts they’ve only heard.  Consequently, it has happened that so much of what we’ve bought into as the center of our personal, religious experience isn’t at the center of biblical Christianity. X is the first greek letter in in the work “Cristovß” which is translated “Christ”.  In theological studies for centuries writers and students have used “X” as short-hand for Jesus. X is Jesus.  It’s more than a name: it’s a statement of purpose and divinity.  In one letter, X testifies that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed Messiah of Israel. Think about this: If you’re going to pick a battle, why make what people CALL something an issue?  Why not focus on what’s REALLY going on, because let’s face it: it doesn’t matter if you CALL yourself a Christian; it matters if you ARE a Christian. What are some non-issues you’ve seen Christians make central?

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