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Top 5 Worship Albums (right now)

Here are my favorite worship albums I’m listening to right now …

Hillsong Church “A Beautiful Exchange” AMAZON / ITUNES

Favorite Songs: “Love Like Fire” / “Open My Eyes” / “Like Incense. Sometimes By Step.”

Jesus Culture “Your Love Never Fails” ITUNES

Favorite Songs: “You Won’t Relent” / “Your Love Never Fails” / “I Exalt Thee”

Zao Water Tribute (Featuring John Mark McMillan, Rita Springer, Jonathan Helser, Eric Hurtgen, and others) “I Dreamed There Was A Fountain” DOWNLOAD

Favorite Songs: “The Rivers You Made” / “I Dreamed There Was A Fountain” / “Just One”

Gungor “Beautiful Things” AMAZON / ITUNES

Favorite Songs: “The Earth Is Yours” / “Beautiful Things”

Hillsong United “The I Heart Revolution – With Hearts As One” AMAZON / ITUNES

Favorite Songs: “None But Jesus” (partially in Spanish) / “The Stand” / “You’ll Come”

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