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Small Christmas. Small Gifts.

What’s the best gift you ever received at Christmas? Bet you some money it’s not the most expensive one. Bet it’s not the largest. Small gifts matter. Never underestimate the small. Christmas is a story of God using small gifts as He writes His BIG story.  Most of us assume that God wants BIG gifts, but as I read through the scripture I see God taking small gifts and doing GREAT things through them. God uses small gifts; the smallness of the gift reflects how BIG God is. Jesus once saw an older widow give a small gift at church. He was surrounded by wealthy men who could give more than this widow.  Jesus told those around him “This widow has given more than all of you” (Luke 21.3). The widow gave in faithfulness out of her poverty.  She gave where her life was small. Where are we living in the small? Are most of living in the financial small? I’ve heard it said that if we own a car we are in the top 10% of the wealthiest people on earth. Lets face it: most of us don’t worry about having clothes to wear, where we’re going to find clean drinking water, or about where we’re going to sleep tonight. We are blessed. We’re not living in the financial small. We all are living in the small, though. We’re living in the small of our time. When we think of our time, let’s face it – we’re stretched. Soccer moms are carrying children to practice and games. Other moms are carrying their children to rehearsals, recitals, and various activities. We fill our spare moments with our smart phones, our facebook, and twitter. Could life slow down? And if it did, don’t you think God has a plan for it? Let’s give not live in the small this Christmas. Let’s give in the small.

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