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Evolutionary Love.

On Monday I was in the studio with my friend Scott Moore working on a worship project we have slated for release later this year.  Needless to say I completely believe in every song we’ve selected.  More than every song, I believe in the musicians that have volunteered to play on the project.  They are exceptional musicians and great friends. Recording an album is a beautiful process of creation.  Each song starts with a skeleton and flowers into a creation all it’s own.  Each musician adds his or her own flavor to the song as it evolves, and, in the end, it’s a remarkable representation of something completely beautiful. Towards the end of the day Scott was working on a solo over a small part of one of our songs.  I marveled at how even his “screw ups” were amazing.  It was exciting to watch him in that environment. I think that as Jesus watches us respond to Him His heart is moved in just the same way.  It’s not perfection that he seeks, just pure motive, and I can’t imagine how much His heart is moved by that. Be encouraged every time you see something beautiful in some one or something else, because Jesus sees you through an even greater love.  He longs for your life to be responding to His.  Our lives are this beautiful creation of adoration for Jesus as they evolve in response to Him.  That is worship.

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