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Preference, Style, & Worship Music

Worship Music is diverse stylistically. Every style of music has emerged within the worship music industry (make no mistake, it is an industry). If rock and roll’s your thing, there are rock and roll worship musicians for you. If country is your thing … If hip/hop, jazz, etc … its out there. I will openly admit that I grew up listening to grunge/alternative music (Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, and Nirvana) and now predominately listen to modern rock (U2, MuteMath, The Killers, and Phoenix). I like lots of guitars, lots of drums, and melodies that make me want to sing along. I like emotion in my songs: both ways, sad and happy. I understand this musical background flavors what speaks to me. While my background informs a personal preference in style, worship literally has little to do with style. Several weeks ago our pastoral team attended a worship service in a small, rural AME church. We worshipped Jesus and enjoyed Him there. Honestly, we LOVED it. It’s not our normal worship style, but we genuinely loved the time we spent there. We worshipped because our preference was to worship. Worship always has ONE preference: Jesus.

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