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Echoes Part II. – Where It’s All Going

If you stand in the main auditorium at Friend Church, when there’s no one else around, and clap your hands, you will hear the sound reverberate around the room, off the different walls, and the finally erode to nothing.  The echo passes you numerous times for seconds after the initial noise.  Our walls have minimal soundproofing, so they serve has immovable forces that bounce those sound waves right back to you. Worship is a living echo. True worship happens when Jesus is the loudest noise in our lives and we live in constant response to the right noise.  When we worship, we echo Jesus. Worship is our perpetual response to the love that God has lavishly poured out on us.  Its that choice we make when we respond to Jesus, instead of the thousands of other responses we could choose. Worship is beautiful. It’s beautiful because we’re broken, and Jesus is whole and we choose Jesus above ourselves.  Worship is born out of the understanding that we are frail and insignificant, and that Jesus is of ultimate worth and value. But where’s it all going?  Is it just the right thing to do? Or is there something much more significant? An echo occurs when a sound wave hits a solid object and then is launched in the direction the sound originated.  If the life of Jesus is the noise and we are the objects, then where is the echo going? First, our worship is returned to Jesus.  He is worthy of love and adoration.  He should be a clear object of our affection and our affinity. I seriously hope when I meet Jesus face to face, that there is not a sense of cerebral awareness or that I feel validated in all the years of belief.  Instead, I hope that there is a deep emotional sense of love and appreciation.  I want Jesus to know that my heart is set aflame by Him and that He is ultimate source of joy in my life. Worship lets me communicate that to him now.  My echo is returned to the creator. However, my worship is not just for Jesus, alone.  Like the sound waves from an echo that are sent in multiple directions, I believe that our worship touches everyone that we’re around. Father’s, know that your children feel the echoes of your worship.  Boss’s, live with the understanding that the echoes of your worship are felt by your employees. Worship is your testimony lived out in front of world dying to see a pure echo of Jesus. ____________________________________________ Worship this week @FriendChurch: Week 2 of “This Beautiful Noise” / Sermon entitled “Digging Holes” Worship Leader: Scott Donaldson Songs to know: “Surrender” & “How Great Is Our God

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