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Where Is Your Hope?

It’s a story that’s been told over and over again.

It’s a story of the possibilities of hope, reconciliation, and peace. It’s compelling. It’s inviting. Many of us have listened to and believed in it.

This story, like all great stories, starts with believing. If you believe in the story, buy into the person, and invest in the process, there’s hope. If you give it a chance to work, the story will produce reconciliation and peace.

The promise of this story is great.

It’s a promise of peace between ethnicities and races. It’s a promise of economic prosperity. It’s a promise of hope for future generations to have opportunities and platforms we couldn’t imagine.

Every several years we’re sold the same story. It’s the same story that’s been told for decades. It’s called politics.

And… We fall for it.

Politicians make a living promising you something that often they cannot deliver. The story is, “Vote for me, and I’ll bring an incomparable season of prosperity and peace into your life.” Sometimes the story is, “If you vote for my opponent, you’ll compromise your safety, security, and the future of your children.”

We’re promised so much: a new and better economy, environmental solutions, new jobs, justice for the oppressed, lower taxes for the middle class, and hope for a better future. Those are staggering promises. During the next election, what happens if those promises are unfulfilled? We just blame the opposition and repurpose the same old story.

We know we’re flawed. We see the flaws. We want a savior.

Could the problem be that we’re looking at the wrong place to find a savior?

Would you mind if I ask you a few questions…

If racial injustice is a sin issue, while we may write a few new laws that are just and needed, will the underlying problem be addressed by a politician or political movement?

Can a politician really promise to secure your health?

Can the president, a congressman or congresswoman, or a governor really guarantee your safety?

More questions can be asked, but I hope you see the point.

Do I believe that every believer (and citizen for that matter) should be informed and vote? Yes. It’s important. Our elected officials have an incredible burden on their shoulders, and the ones I know personally carry that burden with a sincere desire to serve their people.

The problem isn’t politics. The problem is us. We try to turn men into saviors.

You can only find a Savior in one person. His story has been told for centuries. It’s upset and toppled empires, recreated societies, and transformed the lives of a multitude. This story has been told by the educated and ignorant. It’s been a source of inspiration and hope. And… This person is alive today.

That Savior is Jesus.

Our hope in Him is not in vain. He is the one who can deliver on His promises. He is the one who can heal our cities, mend our hearts, and secure our future.

Jesus alone is our Savior. The promise of His message is great. He has healing,

reconciliation, and hope for us. Let’s not confuse where we find our hope because the hope we have in Jesus is a sacred Hope. It’s a hope that unites us, focuses us on what we have in common, and gives us a clearly defined objective: to share His Love with a lost and broken world.

In this season, let’s on by into the story we’ve been sold before. Let’s see this for what it is. And… Let’s look to Jesus as our Savior and Hope!

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