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I’m tired.  

I flew out on Friday morning to speak at a conference in Memphis.  It was a good opportunity to share with a group of college students that are very active and influential on their campuses. 

When I haven’t traveled in while, flying really gets me nervous.  I completely loathe that first takeoff.  Once I’m up in the air, I’m OK.  But its that first take-off that gets me.   I have my own personal ways of coping with this, but the only thing you can do is sit back and let go … right?

I guess that’s a lot like life.  If you’re ever going to go some where, you’re going to have to risk something to get there.  You might lose, but where are you going if you do nothing?  I’m going to guess, nowhere.

This morning I led worship for our church with a group of WONDERFUL musicians and friends.  It’s always fun to be here and play music with my friends.  I’m really thankful for them and the time they put in week-after-week preparing for this gig.  It is really a privilege to serve alongside them. 

This afternoon I helped with a memorial service, and tonight I’m starting a new series of lectures at our church.  

Thank God for rest. (and a great wife who does an incredible job taking care of me)

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