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I totally love roast beef sandwiches with cheddar cheese on some wheat bread.

I am diggin’ on the new Generation Unleashed worship CD.

I’m feeling refreshed after a very productive day out of the office.

I love how clean my carpets are.  I’m kind of a neat freak.

I’m planting new shrubs with my father this Friday in front of my house, a very ambitious undertaking.

I’m trying to plan our summer vacation and it just isn’t falling together easily.

I like Led Zeppelin.

I enjoy coffee way too much, especially espresso made on the stove-top.

I’m kinda tired of guessing how cold or hot it’s gonna be each day.  I want to wear shorts and flip-flops with confidence.

I have a tooth that hurts all the time.  I need to get that looked into.

This weekend, we’re doing a drama at church that should be amazing and emotional and I have to sing all the way through it.  I’m afraid I might cry.

My parents are amazing.  My mom came to visit this past Sunday.  Some blessings can never be over-stated.

I started eating Peanut M&Ms the other day, after I committed to not eat any sweets for three months.  I had to get back on the wagon … it was a difficult climb.

I love the TV Show “House”.  House is a jerk, a horrible boss, an addict, a manipulator, a pervert, an atheist, and everything else that’s bad in the world except … he’s got remarkable conviction.  I wish I operated with that kind of conviction in Jesus.

I love sunny days with no clouds in the sky … the sun makes everything feel ok.

I love it when my wife gets home … how she still has to kiss me first, even if she has to pee really bad.

I love it how, in small ways everyday, I’m reminded that Jesus is all I really need.

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