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The Virus Is Real

Yes. The virus IS real. From the beginning it’s been a threat. 

We’ve read about how deadly it can be. We’ve even seen the effects it’s had on others. It’s real.

In this season of life, this moment, I think we need to be reminded of that. The threat is real. 

I’m not talking about COVID-19. 

I’m talking about the “fear virus.” 

If you’re a Jesus-follower, you should be taking the pandemic of the “fear virus” seriously. It’s infected many, and for many, it’s been deadly.

This is by no means at attempt to downplay the seriousness of the global introduction of the virus behind COVID-19.

Indeed, we are living through some very real moments involving that. In recent weeks I’ve had friends diagnosed with it, and we’ve lost people in our community as a result of it. It’s real. We should be both courageous, cautious, and caring as a we navigate this season in our communities. 

I’d like to address what happens in our hearts AFTER such things occur. It’s fear, and fear works a lot like a virus. It’s infectious and contagious.  Fear also cannot coexist with love. 

The Scriptures make this clear: “There is no fear in love.” 1 John 4:18 

Fear is not just debilitating our lives, it’s wrecking our relationship with God. It cripples us and divides us. Left unaddressed, fear will alter your perception of God.  

In the month of August I preached through a series called, “The Fear Virus”. If you’re struggling with fear, let me invite you to listen to these messages: 

Week 1: It Goes Viral  Fear is a lot like a virus. All the qualities that lead to the infectiousness of a virus you can see in fear. During this message we look what we can learn to combat fear from understanding it from that perceptive:

Week 2: The Fear Virus The Bible has a lot to say about fear. During this message we camp out in a text written by Jesus’ best friend, the Apostle John. In this we see how fear and love interact, and we see that fear is actively undermining our loving relationship with God.

Week 3: God Is Good Often our fears cause us to doubt the goodness of God. Fear cannot coexist inside His love. Actually, we see that God actively works to destroy the work of fear in our lives. During this message we see how to address this is in our lives.

Week 4: Treatment Plan  To survive viral infections doctors have developed standard courses of treatment. In the global medical community right now they’re working to develop a course of treatment for COVID-19. This message addresses God’s course of treatment for fear

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