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The Umbrella.

A good friend of our pastor is fond of saying “You have to get under what God has put over you, so that you can get over what God has put under you.”  

I’ve been reminded about that a few times this week.  Culturally, rebellion is idolized.  Those who blaze their own paths and shake off the standards of the guard are heros.  Even Jesus is often seen as a rouge prophet who rebelled against the religious establishment of his day.  Jesus, however, is the head of the church, and lived a life constantly in submission to the will of the Father.

Its significant to know that many people struggle with submitting to authority in our world today.

Submission isn’t an issue of trusting a leader.  

Its really an issue of trusting Jesus.

I want to live under that umbrella of Jesus.  I want to submit to him and let him shield me through his wisdom and guidance.  I want to live under the umbrella of the leadership in our church, and be blessed by their insight and shepherding.  

I want to be faithful in these things.  We all know there are things to overcome in life, and its a lot more difficult to climb when it’s raining. 

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