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The Cost Of Freedom

Every year we take a day off as a country to honor the men and women who have sacrificed to sustain the freedom that we enjoy.

These sacrifices include…

  1. Missing the births of their children.

  2. Months and years spent from young brides and husbands.

  3. Leaving their children as babies, coming home to them as children, and missing everything in between.

  4. The loss of mental stability as result of the trauma of combat.

  5. The loss of hands, feet, arms, and legs.

  6. For so many, the loss of their lives.

As a Pastor in the United States, every week our church enjoys a basic freedom : the ability to gather together and worship freely. There are many Christ-centered, Jesus-loving brothers and sisters in our world that do not enjoy that freedom.

Freedom always has a cost.

I saw this video, and thought it was worth us all watching…

Realize this too: while we all need political freedom and rightly hope for the rest of the world to experience it, we all desperately need SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.

Just as soldiers have been willing to pay the cost for our political freedom, Jesus died to offer you freedom from sin and death.

Freedom always has a cost.

*     *     *     *     *

Who do you need to call, text, email, or write to thank for the sacrifice they have given for your freedom?

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