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I’ve been feeling pretty sickly over the last few days.  I finally went to the doctor today and have bronchitis, which isn’t extremely pleasant.  I’ve basically been in bed for five days and don’t want to talk because I cough a lot and my throat hurts.  I’m starting to feel better, and I’m sure that the drugs my physician prescribed will start taking affect soon.  

A friend of mine often says that health is one of those things that you never miss until its gone, but without it you have nothing.  He’s pretty much right.  Good health flies under the radar; it’s white noise.  That is, until it’s gone.

When I think of the pervasive effects of good health, I’m reminded of how God’s grace reaches into our lives from every angle and to every degree.  It’s not something that we notice, because for most of us, it’s just always been.   Grace is what hold’s us together, it’s what keeps us.

Every time I’m sick, there is this moment when I’ve returned to health and I suddenly become aware of the fact that I’m back to normal.  In that moment I embrace the gift that is good health and thank God I’m over the illness.  It’s the contrast between the illness and normal life that brings out the true gift of health.

There is not such contrast between God’s grace in our day to day living.  God doesn’t back off and won’t let us down.  There aren’t moments where Jesus could have done more.  There are no days when we aren’t fully and completely loved by Him.  So, it our duty, it the midst of blessing, or perceived trouble, to see His Grace and respond to Him for it.

Especially when you’re sickly.

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