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Running Upstairs.

I noticed a while back that I tend to run when I’m heading up stairs.  When I was younger we used to pick on people walking up the stairs on the bleachers at football games, because there is no way to walk up stairs and look cool or happy or energetic.  With one exception: to run up them.  

I think life is full of stairs to climb, hurdles to get over, and obstacles to overcome.  Most of them are difficult and painful, and, honestly, most of us look bored and pained while we go through them.  However, if we face our fears, own up to our problems, and admit our brokenness there is a momentum that carries us through the problem to wholeness on the other side.  

The momentum that carries us through these problems comes from the realization that we need Jesus.  When facing problems or brokenness, we have the opportunity to see Jesus at the top of the stairs, at the end of the fight, in the outcome of the problem.  

To me, that is a good reason to run up the stairs.

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