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My Wife, Knee Pain, & Healing

Tomorrow my wife, Amanda, is having surgery on her knee around 9-am in the morning. Please pray for her.

About 18 months ago she went in for a small meniscus repair, but the surgeon ended up removing 60% if her lateral meniscus. After rehab and physical theropy she has walked and lived in pain for the last year. Over the last six months it has increasingly gotten worse. So, we ordered another MRI and a second opinion from a leading orthopedic doctor. This physician noticed several things and immediately ordered a surgery.

We were sitting down with a friend a couple days ago and discussing this, when he said to us “You know that the doctors, the surgery, and medication won’t heal you … it’s going to be Jesus.”

Now, I’m so far from being a crazy, charismatic believer that runs around laying hands on everything sick and claiming healing in Jesus’ name. I believe in divine healing and have witnessed it first-hand. However, we all will get sick and die one day – it’s part of broken humanity and how, inevitably, Jesus brings us home to himself. But, I was taken aback by this comment.

I guess it’s so easy to trust an equation. You know, an equation: this plus this equals that. Good doctor + correct surgical procedure = healed knee. When you trust the equation, you deny the ultimate foundation of it all, Jesus.

Personally, in so many cases I have chosen to trust the equation and have forgotten about trusting Jesus. Ultimately, Jesus is our healer and we need to live accepting that reality. Jesus not only heals hurt knees: he mends broken hearts, changes our minds, and restores us from our sinful & broken ways.

Its good to be reminded just who the Healer is.

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