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Moving To Two Services


I thought I’d share several reasons we’re moving to two services in a few weeks on May 4th.

#1 – We Need More Room

Each week two of the following three are near capacity: our parking lot, our kids environments, and the seating in our auditorium.

Have you ever walked into an auditorium with family of 5 and tried to find a seat when there’s barely three seats connected in the whole room? It’s awkward.

We need more room because our guests deserve to have a dream experience when they visit our church!

#2 – We Never Want To Be Afraid To Take A Risk

Well… For the right reasons.

We’re not afraid of more work. We’re not afraid of longer days. We ARE AFRAID of not reaching a family because we haven’t made room for them.

The move to two services is a risk because our crowds in each service will be smaller, but we’ve always said that we believe that we can grow bigger and smaller at the same time.

Multiple services has been a part of that plan from the beginning.

#3 – This Decision Reflects Our Values

It’s obvious when you visit Vortex that we don’t want to be the traditional country church you’d find throughout our community. They’re wonderful churches and fulfill a function in the kingdom of God, but we’re simply responding to Jesus by being ourself.

That means that we don’t have any ‘sacred cows’. We’ll move service times, rearrange leadership teams, and just generally be flexible to reach more people.

Whatever it takes. that’s what we’re going to do.

#4 – Our Church Isn’t Big Enough

As long as there are hurting people in our community that are far away from Jesus who need a loving church family, we’re not big enough.

As long as there is a single-mom who is struggling and feeling alone, we’re not big enough.

As long as there are men and women broken by sin who need to hear the hopeful and restoring message of the Gospel of Jesus, we are not big enough.

It’s not a numbers game. It’s a people thing.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join us May 4th at 9am or 10:30 as we take the next step in this really amazing journey of following Jesus!

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