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some recent thoughts: + there’s nothing that reminds you of how costly and free grace is like forgiving someone that has hurt you. + if you’re married and you don’t work at it continuously things that are easy will become difficult as you neglect them. + the most beautiful things in life are often found in the people that you love. influence is not guaranteed by your position, but gained by loving and serving people. Jesus loves me even when i blow it. even when I blow it a lot. i can’t earn my way into his favor.  i need to treat people like Jesus treats me. + if you react to the storms in other peoples lives, their storms will become your storms as well. + what you worship will change you. make the mistake of worshipping something other than Jesus and you’ll pick up the crap it could give you.  worship Jesus and He’ll transform you. + good friends make everything better. + our world seems to make the mistake of hoping that politics and legislation might change our situation. we need to shut up, trust Jesus, and put our hope in Him. why would God transform a nationthat keeps telling Him they can make it on their own? hope is a beautiful and powerful thing. it’s a dark place when you feel like you’re losing it. + don’t be afraid to laugh when you’re having a bad day. + growing up and becoming a man is a lot of work, and i’m not sure i always have it figured out. however, i’m convinced its powerful calling. patience takes time. go figure. responsibility and authority go hand in hand. If you want the authority, but you’re not willing to carry the responsibility, then you’re standing on a paradigm that’s going to implode. + sometimes you try and fail. that’s not an excuse to stop trying. fear is crippling & faith is freeing. the tension is not about what you believe as much as it is about who you believe.

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