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Jesus, Grace, & The Mess.

Lately it seems I’m being reminded that life is essentially about Jesus. Every moment is a new opportunity to experience Jesus: joys and triumphs are times to celebrate Jesus / trials and failures are times to cling to Him / free time is time to seek Him / when you’re stretched it’s an opportunity to trust Jesus. I’m probably being reminded that life is about Jesus because I tend to make it about a lot of other things. I guess I could make some excuses like “it’s easy to get caught up in … blah, blah” or “i haven’t really been that bad … blah, blah.” Whether it’s building a family, working, creating … whatever it is … if you lose the perspective that Jesus is central to the experience, you’re missing the point. Our experience is often littered with both joys and sorrow: life is a beautiful mess. If we lose sight of Jesus in the midst of the mess, we lose the discipline of experiencing His grace. Our greatest gift was bought with the greatest price. That great gift shouldn’t be resigned to a moment; it’s the journey of a lifetime. The greatest gift is the gift of grace afforded to us through Jesus. If we settle for letting our lives resonate on anything less, we’ve resigned ourselves to a lower standard of living that this great gift has afforded us. Grace meets us in the middle of the mess. In the middle of tragedy, pain, and failure what do you need to do to position yourself to see the grace Jesus is given you in your mess? When you are succeeding, winning, and joyful, how do you stay focused on Jesus? How do you place His grace at the center of the experience?

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