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It’s Just A Season

Every year we take one of the first portions of the year and dedicate it to prayer and fasting. It’s our simple way at Vortex to put God first as we enter in a new season.

It’s interesting because, essentially those 21 days is a season within a season, a moment within a more significant, grander moment.

There are lots of seasons within seasons.

I probably enjoyed this year’s fast as much as I have any to date. My wife and I worked as a team. It really elevated our levels of communication at home. We were continually trying to figure out how to make it work, and I really believe it helped us along the way!

I’ve grown to enjoy the pursuit of being healthy. Our diet post-fast won’t change dramatically. We’ll have some options when it comes to meat, but we’ll still be regularly eating pretty clean.

There are things I missed, but not that much. I’d say this is the first year that I haven’t had an “I desperately need to eat THIS THING after the fast is over.”

As the fast neared its end, I’ve mourned it a little.

This season within the grander season of a new year is coming to an end.

That the thing about seasons: Seasons start and they end.

There are seasons we live in for a long time. Some that come for just a short while. Some are pleasant. Some are quite difficult.

But… all seasons end.

If you’re in a season that’s been pleasant, rejoice. But… Also, know it’s going to end. There are less pleasant circumstances coming your way. Don’t let that take away from your joy in this season, but also don’t let your guard down. This season is going to end.

If you’re in a difficult season, know that this to will not just pass, it will end. You are not trapped. It will not be this way forever. It’s a season, and seasons change.

So, embrace that. Embrace that your season will change.

Embrace that the pleasure may not last forever, and that’s ok.

Embrace that the pain won’t endure. There will be pain. Use it. Let it motivate you to take the next step in your journey towards this season.

This truth is both comforting and challenging, but at its heart, it is ultimately liberating! This gives us permission to find joy in this season, whether pleasurable or challenging, because God is in control and it’s just a season!

* * * * *

What season have you been going through? How does the knowledge that this season has a beginning and ending change the way you approach navigating through the season?

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