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Generational Tension: For The Older Generation

This is a portion of the talk that Craig Groeschel delivered at Catalyst East in 2010 on “generational tension” for the “older” generation. “Am I in the older generation?” “If you had to ask that … you have your answer” From The Perspective of a Younger Guy – This Stuff Was Meaningful: As the church grows it quickly transforms itself itself into an institution, where it’s main goal becomes to protect it’s traditions and rituals.  This perspective on being “older” is much more about empowering those coming behind you to take the baton and take the race even further. I want to be that kind of leader when I’m older. Listen closely to the portion on “delegating authority vs. delegating tasks”.  As a younger guy, I can tell you that we are keenly aware of which one is happening and it displays either your belief or lack-of-belief in as we follow you. Spiritual Fathering – I already take this very seriously. I have guys that I’ve been poring into for years. We are a FATHERLESS generation, and we need spiritual parents to stand up and pour into us.

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