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Confessions [round 1]

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

1.  i made and ate four fried bologna sandwiches for lunch.

2.  i haven’t mowed my yard in two weeks. (my wife said “its been longer than that”)

3.  i enjoy beverages too much.

4.  i still haven’t found what i’m looking for.

5.  i miss my friend josh baldwin.  he’s been recording a cd for the past few months.

6.  i use those moist wipes to clean my butt when i go number two.

7.  i still think bathroom humor is funny.  i got in trouble for that when i taught middle school.

8.  i am now thirty years old.  statistically, life is almost half over.

9.  i hate grammar and all its conventions, and i hate people who correct peoples grammar in casual conversation.

10.  i miss coaching football.

11.  i love playing video games.  tonight it was bowling on the wii sports.

12.  i got so sunburned at the beach a week ago that i literally peeled all the skin under my shirt.  that was itchy and gross all at the same time.

13.  i want to look like mike barrett when I grow up.

14.  there are only two television shows i’m fond of: house & the office.

15.  my dad is still one of my heros.  i painted a wall and framed pictures of my heros to hang on it in my office at work, but it’s incomplete without pictures of me and my dad.

16.  sometimes i’m amazed at how far i’ve come.  most of the time i’m frustrated by how far i still need to go.

17.  i think my wife is absolutely beautiful and i really want to be the best husband i can be for her.

18.  john piper wrote that every moment is an opportunity to look backwards at your past with thanks and forward at the future with faith … i think i look backwards with regret and forward with worry way too much.

19.  our cat scoots her butt on the carpet after she goes number two.

20.  i’m thankful that i met jesus, that he’s leading me, and that he’s kept me.

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