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Coming Back

I have been a horrible blogger over the last six months. I publicly repent and ask for your forgiveness.

Looking back here are the reasons why I’ve been silent:

  1. My wife had surgery and I needed to take care of her.

  2. I have been working on an album which is almost completed.

  3. I took a half of a month, went half way around the world to China and distributed bibles because I love Jesus and love His Word.

  4. Christmas.

  5. Our church is growing and being presented with new opportunities that have taken a bit of time for me to work on.

Here is what I’m going to work on this week for my blog-following friends:

Update Posts Covering the Following:

  1. Our family & What we’re up to

  2. My trip to China (complete with some pictures)

  3. My album project.

  4. Our church.

Thank you all for continuing to check my blog and ask me to update it. Please keep praying.

Love you.


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