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Itchy [part 3]

My face is itchy.

I haven’t shaved in a week, and I have significant amounts of stubble on the surface of my face.  The stubble is uncomfortable and rather vindictive.  I find often that it tries to tangle itself in zippers and Velcro to which I come in contact with.  All of this is surprising to me, as I am in an unplanned, unanticipated process of growing a beard.  

Giving birth to something is painful and costly.  

The beard is costing me itchiness and discomfort.  It is constantly costing me focus as it offers me a bit of distraction.  It is costing me something, but hopefully the cost will give birth to something.

In the same way, there is a cost associated with following Jesus.  Its difficult and trying, however, there is reward as our following Him does produce real and authentic life.

So if you’re itching … just know it might mean you’re growing and changing (or you might just need some lotion).

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